Who We Are


Westwood Land Trust is comprised of a broad coalition of individuals, families, town officials, and businesses who agree that the acquisition and protection of natural land is important if we are to retain the rural character so close to Boston, which makes Westwood a wonderful place to live.  Westwood Land Trust is supported entirely by people who willingly donate their time, talent, and financial support to protect irreplaceable natural land.


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Current Board Members

Andrew Bemis
Nancy Dempze
Stephen Harte
Cheri Hurley
Karen Manor Metzold
Steve Olanoff
Kristin Styer
Andrew Walker
Christine Parson



Past Board Members

Anthony Antonellis
Kevin Becker
Maureen Bleday
Anne Cadigan (Past President)
Susan Flanagan-Cahill
Anne Cloherty Fortune
Maureen Donovan
Rebecca Forrester
Andrea Goldberg
Susan Kunkel
Jeff Lawrence
Nancy Looney
Peter Muellers

Gareth Orsmond
Maya Khuri Plotkin
Dana Pope
Christy Powley
Henry Riemer
Steve Rafsky
Philip Shapiro
Barbara Shea
Rebecca Sullivan
Andrew Tarnell
Michael Terry
John Walsh
David White (Founding President)