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Westwood Land Trust, Inc., Westwood, MA

Preserving The Character of Westwood

The Westwood Land Trust (WLT) has been working to preserve open spaces and natural resources since 1999. WLT's efforts have helped Westwood retain its rural character while supporting native wildlife and reducing stress on town services.

Westwood's Master Plan recommended the creation of the Westwood Land Trust to focus on preserving our town's dwindling open space. Through generous donations from Duncan and Ellen McFarland and many others, Westwood has enjoyed much success in its recent conservation efforts. Beautiful spaces such as Lowell Woods, Clapboardtree Meadow (Prout Farm), Striar Woods, Hunnewell parcel, and the Hogg property, a total of 187 acres that were once considered vulnerable, will forever remain in their natural state.

The first project for the Westwood Land Trust was saving Clapboardtree Meadow (Prout Farm), which was made possible by a generous gift from the McFarlands.

In 2005, the Westwood Land Trust purchased the conservation rights on the Perry property. The property consists of approximately 38 acres, and if not preserved, could have lead to the construction of many houses and could have unlocked the development potential of neighboring lands. Learn about the Perry property.

Yes, the successes are impressive, but the effort is far from over. WLT has identified many more critical but vulnerable parcels that need protection. Without continued conservation efforts, many of the beautiful fields and woods in our town are at risk for development permanently changing Westwood's landscape. If we lose these opportunities, we lose them forever.

We also need your contributions for operating expenses. And, of course, we would welcome your volunteer help.

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Finally, maybe you are looking to find out more about Westwood and its natural areas. Go to our Take A Hike page, and learn about many of the beautiful conservation areas in your back yard.

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The Westwood Land Trust, Inc., is a charitable organization pursuant to Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, and all contributions are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.

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