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The Perry Property - A Great Opportunity

"To one who admires and appreciates this form of creation, many thoughts and questions come to mind-How long have the trees been standing there? Whose hand planted them? Or perhaps they are seedlings allowed to grow to maturity by chance . . . Will we leave to posterity some of the friendly canopy which we found, left to us by unknown hands?"
--Westwood Tree Warden Wybe Rynsaart (1951)

This passage from Westwood's annual town report over half a century ago takes on a particular poignancy when we consider how much woodland our Town has since lost to development. The Westwood Land Trust (WLT) was formed specifically to promote the protection of Westwood's undeveloped and vulnerable land.

Early on, the WLT established a set of guidelines to help prioritize its efforts. By evaluating and weighing factors such as economic, hydrologic, and natural resource impact, we were able to prioritize the 24 privately owned large tracts of land in Westwood. The use of these guidelines pointed immediately to the focus of our current project - the Perry property.

Location Map of the Perry Property
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Where is the Perry Property? The 36 acre Perry property and its surroundings, including the well-known "Satan's Kingdom," is roughly bounded by Hartford Street (the old Hartford Turnpike), Mill Street, Mayfair Street and High Street, and has been privately owned by the Perry family since 1908. It has been recommended for conservation several times by town bodies: by the Conservation Commission in 1968 and 1979, and most recently in 1999 by the authors of Westwood's Comprehensive Plan.

Why is saving this property so important? Open space is a non-recoverable resource that helps define the character of a community. The A Scene from the Perry PropertyPerry property connects two of Westwood's signature natural resources - Hale Reservation and Buckmaster Pond. The 36 acres of the Perry property contain vernal pools and important habitat which could be lost with the construction of 19 new homes. Preservation will help safeguard Westwood from further fiscal and infrastructure strains that new construction brings. The Perry family has graciously offered to do a bargain sale of the development rights, valued at $3,450,000, for $1,500,000.

How can I help? The Westwood Land Trust is a public charity, or 501(c)(3) organization and all donations are tax-deductible. We use cash, conservation restrictions, and the full range of available tax benefits to keep our open space in its natural state. We welcome the opportunity to discuss with you the many personal and community-wide benefits that can result from your involvement in this project.

Your contributions will help preserve the small-town, rural character of your community forever. If we lose this opportunity, we lose it forever. What better way to make a lasting impact on your community?

We also welcome your volunteer assistance. Click here to learn other ways you can help preserve this vital resource.


The Westwood Land Trust, Inc., is a charitable organization pursuant to Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, and all contributions are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.

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